The Thinking Game

I suppose it’s a problem that a lot of people experience – I don’t want to claim any kind of uniqueness here. I mean, everybody is an individual (bleat), but I have a real problem with procrastinating about things.

I get stuck on the process. HOW you do things. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that it’s not really HOW you do things when it comes to stuff like writing, it matters as long as you can get things done. The HOW can come later. Learn it as you go. And it’s something I keep thinking about. Thinking and not doing.

I try and drag other people in to my silly schemes, but that always seems to backfire on me. I think half the time I’m just being humored to keep me out of their hair – and even if it’s not, that’s just the way I start feeling. This damn overthinking thing is another curse.

Oh well, time to continue thinking about things.

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