Amazing weekend...sort of

This past weekend was quite different from recent past weekends. For one thing, we were both up early on Saturday with the kids, and we were out of the house to go shopping for things. It was a planned event. Usually that kind of thing just doesn’t happen. The funny thing is, we just happened to notice that our daughter sprouted her first tooth. No mess, no fuss. It was suddenly there on Saturday morning. Cool.

I had to be up at 03h30 on Sunday morning so that I could be at work around 04h30 to begin testing some systems at 05h00.

Anyway, the testing went well, and I was home again by 07h30. To make a long story short, I didn’t get a chance to get some sleep until around 22h00. Gah. I got home, had breakfast, we went out shopping. Shortly before we left, my daughter decided it would be a good time to take her first(!) steps. Came home, decided to drop the kids off at my in-laws, so that my wife and I could get some sleep.

We get back home, and I’m literally preparing to get back into bed, when we start talking about the impending renovation of our bathroom. So I decide to forego sleep so that we can go back to the tile store we were at on Saturday to do a further look around.

We finish that, fetch the kids on our way home, and by the time we get home, it’s 20 mins until Gav & Amore arrive for tea/supper.

It was a great evening. I don’t know how the hell I didn’t just keel over from tiredness. I didn’t feel really tired until I got into bed, which for me is unusual. It must have been the vitamins I started taking the previous week.

So I’m dozing off Sunday night… after having been awake since 03h30. And my phone goes off. A message from Gav, thanking us for the evening. I respond by telling him no problem, now fuck off I’m trying to sleep. I doze off again. Beep. Damn. Gav again with Some innocuous reply. Fucker. Stupidly, I respond. Doze off again. Beep. Grrr. Gav again, with some other drivel which I’m sure he thought was funny at the time. I didn’t. I threatened his work email. Beep. Ahh screw it. I ignore it, and finally, finally, finally, fall asleep.

I still haven’t quite recovered.

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