Bang Brigade

It’s shortly before midnight, I’m just on the verge of dozing off when we hear an almighty bang. Another car accident, in almost exactly the same place as a couple of weeks ago. This time it sounded like two cars colliding, and shortly after the crowd gathered, we could hear an extremely drunk sounding woman shouting obscenities in Afrikaans, and then a guy responding in like tones. It wasn’t too long before emergency services showed up. Typically, a vulture (tow truck) was on the scene literally 5 minutes after the accident. Again, typically, it took the cops about half an hour or so to show up. Fortunately the ambulances and fire trucks were on scene in short order. Good grief. Two years we’ve been in this house with no major incidents, and now we have 2 nasty accidents within weeks of each other. I’m just worried these assholes are gonna crash through my back wall one day, considering these accidents happened 2 houses up from me.

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