Bathroom Blues

Our bathroom has been looking a bit tacky of late. The previous owner had painted the tiles, and since paint doesn’t stick to a glazed surface particularly well, the paint had started to peel in places, and we just weren’t happy with the way it looked. So we decided we would re-tile. I was happy with just doing that.

Then we decided we might as well do the basin as well, since that looks grotty too, and the taps just suck.
And suddenly we have a new toilet to install too. And because of that, we have to re-tile the entire floor. Gah. I have a shitload of work to do. I’ve taken a couple of days off work to get it all done.

We’re on day two of the project. So far we’ve removed 98% of the existing wall tiles, and I’ve started removing the floor tiles. What a bastard job it is to do by hand. I’m gonna go hire an electric jackhammer tomorrow, I swear. My hand is so frikkin’ sore from wielding the hammer, it’s just not funny.

  • Wall tiles – R1700.00
  • Floor tiles – R200.00
  • Removing existing tiles by hand – Priceless