Battlefield 3 Maplist Generator


This is a utility to generate RANDOM Battlefield 3 map lists for server admins. You can generate human readable lists for manual entry into admin tools such as procon, or you can generate maplist.txt style lists to copy and paste directly in to your server’s maplist.txt.
How to use it:
This may not be immediately obvious from the interface layout, but I’ll
try to keep it simple.

Unselect the maps that you do NOT want to appear in the generated list.
The generated map list is governed by the pattern list (the right hand
list). Select the game type pattern that you want to appear in the
output list (as well as the desired number of rounds).

For example, to generate the typical Conquest 1 round, Rush 2 round map
list that we normally have running on the War Geeks server, you would
simply add a gametype of B2K Conquest, 1 round, and Rush, 2 rounds to
the pattern.

Ensure the infinite checkbox is selected (very bottom checkbox
between the lists with the infinity symbol), and on the menu, click
Generate->maplist.txt or Generate->Human Readable. A random map list
will then be generated based on the defined pattern until all maps are

Note that if you select a game type that only has a few maps (like
assault), and a rush game type, the assault maps will be continually
repeated until there are no more rush maps left, unless you select the
top checkbox. In that case, if there are no more maps left for a
given game type, they will not be repeated, and only maps from the
remaining game types will be used.

You can unselect the Infinite checkbox and specify how many times
you want the pattern to repeat instead, from once, to 100 times.

I’ve tried to avoid having the same two maps of different game types
following one another, but it is difficult to test every single

Note that certain game type combinations are invalid and may cause the
server to ignore the offending game types.

There is no checking of game type combinations at this time, so it is
very easy to generate strange map lists. It is not wise, for example,
to mix Squad Rush and Conquest maps as the number of players are

If you’re unhappy with the distribution of a generated list, just
generate a new one, or edit the generated list.

This program requires .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.

This project is now available on GitHub: