Bit buckets and the land of lost socks

There have been a few stories about what happens to lost socks; about how there is a land where socks lost in the washing go. A pleasant place where the socks escape to and live out their lives in peace and harmony away from the horrors of the stinky shoe.

So what happens to the things that you type on your computer that don’t end up where they’re supposed to?

You’re probably wondering what I mean…

For example, you run an application that prompts for a username and password. So, as soon as the application pops up, you type your username and password… and then realise that for some gosh darned reason, the application no longer had focus, so you ended up typing your password… somewhere. Who knows where, but you typed it… it had to go somewhere … so. Where?

I’ll tell you where. The land of the bit bucket. A land where all the bits and bytes that disappear end up. That file that you could swear was in that folder, but is now, somehow, missing. That little bit of text that you had typed in the last few seconds before your computer crashed, taking everything with it. It’s in the bit bucket. A wonderous world where your bits and bytes live in peace and harmony, away from the mad mad world of typing and the evil backspace and delete keys.

A place of dreams…