Blogging on the go

I’ve finally set up a blog via email facility, so I can now blog from anywhere that there is a GPRS signal. This post is essentially a test to see if it works. If you’re reading this, then obviously it does… Otherwise i’m just wasting my time talking to myself. Internal monologue is talking to yourself, isn’t it? At least it’s not out loud. I get enough funny looks as it is.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get with the times. I can upload to flickr from anywhere, and now post to my blog. And the world says, ‘big whoop’. :p

UPDATE #1: It does work… when I figured out how to get the frikkin’ thing to actually post – and there’s a minor issue with the flippin’ line breaks being converted to = signs… but I think that’s a client issue rather than the blog.

UPDATE #2: I’ve updated the back-end software which introduced a theme error, so I’ll be mucking about with themes for awhile until I find something I like.

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