Busy bee

So there I was, loafing at home for the month of January, when I receive a call from EDS. They wanted to know if I would go work for them, but back at Mercantile – the place I had left last September.

Tough call really. I was seriously in two minds about it, but I decided to do it after all.

So I’m back, but not quite my old job, thankfully. Still mostly the same people, with a couple of new (EDS) faces. I started last Wednesday, so I’ve basically been there a week. Only a few more months to go before the contract ends. Although the contract that EDS has with Mercantile is ending then, if they choose to renew it, and they ask me to continue, I don’t think I will. I have plans – and I need to use these few months to get them off the ground.

I upgraded my computer finally. I’m now running a dual core processor with Nvidia 8800GT’s in SLI. Very nice.Can’t say I’m too impressed with Crysis though. Although it looks very pretty indeed, it runs like an absolute dog. Unreal Tournament 3 is very impressive though. I get 60fps at 1600×1200 with everything on max.