Change of iTune

Change of iTune

I always maintained that I would never own an iPhone. Android all the way. I even tested the waters with a Windows phone, but that hit the trash heap after a while - the closed environment reinforced my belief that Android was the way to go, and the lack of app support was the death knell for the platform. I'm happy to say that Windows Mobile is officially dead.

Then I moved to Australia. A First World country. My old Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini was getting a bit long in the tooth, going in to its 3rd (? or 4th?) year of service. Its battery life definitely needed some extra effort. A new "samsung" battery made no discernable difference. I shopped around for new phones before eventually throwing in the towel and settling on a brand spanking new iPhone 7 Plus RED directly from Apple.

Yes, an iPhone. Technically an iPhablet - this thing is HUGE.

Long story short, despite the perceived shortcomings, I love it to bits.

And then we fast forward to mobile development. I have built a mobile app for android and ios, and it's finally published on both stores. My primary debugging has been on remote ios simulator with occasional tests directly to my iPhone. My colleague has tested the app on Android, and let me know of any issues that I had to fix.

Now that my app has been finalized and published, I have had the luxury of being able to attempt to move away from the horrible development environment that is Visual Studio 2017 and remotebuild running on my mac. I'm now attempting to do development directly on my mac, with the native command line tools, and whatever editor suits my needs at the time. For my most recent bug fixing effort, it was Sublime Text, but now I'm testing out Visual Studio Code (VSCode). I figure that since my dev environment is no longer running in a virtual machine, but directly on my mac, I might as well attempt to debug Android with the emulators, and try fix some minor issues that we've picked up.

So far this has been a nightmare. The app completely refuses to work properly in an Android emulator, but works properly on a device. Of course, trying to google this dilemma returns results where the opposite occurs. The app works in emulator but not on device. You can imagine that this is incredibly frustrating to me.

At the moment, it's a case of trial and error... where I'm trying things and just getting errors. I have a headache.

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