The Chicken and The Egg

I’ve spent a long time recently going through a client’s Group Policy Object infrastructure. A large part of the GPOs are invalid – either completely broken, referencing missing items, empty, unlinked, and referencing invalid scripts (like VBScript inside a batch file – it’s own WTF). I’ve documented the GPOs as best as I can with the intention of fixing the infrastructure. Marking which GPOs are to be deleted, which need to be renamed to our standards, and those that need to be either consolidated or edited for various reasons. I submitted the document for review and change control. One of the people who reviewed the document says that before he approves the change control, he wants to see what the GPOs will look like AFTER the changes have been done.

So… he wants to see what it will look like AFTER the changes, BEFORE the changes are done. Has anybody got a time machine that I can borrow?

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