It’s funny that my 2 year old daughter can recognize the Skype incoming call ring and knows what it means. Often, on hearing it, she utters a yell, ‘Uncle Aaaaaandyyyy’ from where ever she is in the house, and then comes running to the office where she will say hello to her Uncle, who’s face has just appeared on video chat.

While I have no doubt that my two older kids realize it, I often wonder if my two year old recognizes that the person on the screen that she is talking to is an actual living person, rather than an image on TV. I wonder if she realizes the difference. I figure that she must, as I have never seen her trying to talk to the TV, or show it all her toys as she does with her Uncle.

I was thinking about it earlier… what it will be like when she finally gets to meet her Uncle and Aunt in Real Life(tm). Will she be able to link the fuzzy video she has seen to the two people that now stand before her?

I can’t wait to find out.

It’s going to be awesome. My boy, who last saw his uncle and aunt in real life (and not surprisingly, doesn’t remember it) when he was 1 year old, will be a gangly and most likely stand-offish teenager. My middle child, who has not yet met her uncle and aunt in real life, will most likely be 11 or 12, and our toddler will be 4 or 5. I really hope it’s not much later than that.

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