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Books Dec 30, 2004

Hmm. While keeping the spammers away, it seems my mucking around with the comment system has totally stopped ALL comments. Oh well. Can’t please everyone.

I’ve been catching up on my reading while I’ve been off work. It’s been great to finish a book in a day or two instead of spending two weeks grabbing a few paragraphs while I’m on the bog.
A friend of mine introduced me to John Connolly. I’ve read all his books, except for his latest, which is sitting on my night stand waiting for me to finish reading Bad Men — Admittedly, I’m taking my time with this one.

Stephen King has always been my hero; I just love the way he writes, but John Connolly has neatly kicked him off the number one spot on my top author’s list. John Connolly is my new hero.


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