Driver design

One of my 120gb drives failed, so I thought I would finally get around to reorganising my system to the way I want… Linux as primary, and Windows as secondary for gaming etc. It makes sense, since I’m getting ADSL in the next couple of days, and I won’t have the driver issues with my USB isdn adapter under Linux anymore. Now I can finally get rid of this shitty Microsoft platform as my every day OS.

So anyway, I reload, and I realise that I don’t have my LAN drivers handy, so I connect to the website to download them. I eventually find them, a 5mb or so download.

While it’s downloading (yeah yeah, slow ISDN), I’m browsing the site, and I discover this thing called ‘Download Center’. So I check it out. It apparently scans your system, and shows you what drivers you need to download. So I do that, just for the hell of it.

It basically says ‘LAN driver’ – Intel – size: 89Mb. I did a double take. What the fuck? 89Mb for a fucking LAN driver? You’ve got to be shitting me! Jesus, I need a LAN driver, not a frikkin’ operating system. Holy motherfuck, what the hell are these people thinking?!?

And then to add insult to injury, when I closed the window for that ‘Download Center’ software, Internet Explorer crashed. Luverly.

Have I mentioned that I fucking hate Windows?

Can’t wait until the frikkin’ LAN driver is loaded so I can get my faithful firefox running.