Contemplating the mysteries of life is something that everybody should do from time to time.

I enjoy the quiet time, but now having had it for the past 6 days, I am missing my family terribly.

I’ll be picking them up at the airport this evening. Hopefully I can get the house in some semblance of order before then. Not that it’s in total disarray – it looks pretty normal – although what is normal for us, may be complete chaos for others.

I’ve done a slight remodeling job in the kitchen. I bought a washing machine/dryer combo thingy, and there’s no space to put it, since our dishwasher lives where the washing machine would normally live, so I’ve removed a kitchen cabinet (not very neatly I might add), so I can move the dishwasher there, and have the washing machine next to it. I had to do a spot of tiling to cover the area where the cupboard was. Again, not very neatly. :-p

So the kitchen is in part disarray while the tile cement and grout dries, and I still have to move the stuff that’s sitting on top of the dishwasher so I can take it’s top off to fit under the counter.

Of course, I’m a procrastinator, so I’m finding other things to do so I can avoid finishing the job… like writing this post.

A friend of mine gave me this program called DarkRoom, so being the curious sort, I ran it. Turns out it’s this cute little full screen editor that is green text on a black background. I don’t know why, but this just tickles me. It’s brilliant, because it removes all the distractions of little icons and widgets and lets you write. Which is what I’m using to compose this post right now. It’s probably also why I can ramble on without getting too sidetracked. The problem is that now I’m getting sidetracked by my thoughts, rather than the crap happening on my screen.

This disembodied green text floating on my screen. Pretty awesome really.

So now I’ve got this nice writing environment, I should be able to write, now shouldn’t I?

I took this personality test at one of my clients (long story, I was essentially testing the program because they were having problems with it – a recruitment agency), anyway, according to my personality profile, I’m perfectly suited to being a ‘computer service engineer’. Oh joy, what I am now, basically. :-p The funny thing is that ‘author’ was on the list of least suited jobs. Now should I pay attention to what this software says, or is it trying to tell me something?

I suppose at least it indicates to me why I just can’t get started. Or finished for that matter.

I forgot to mention that after almost 7500km’s, I resigned my job. Way too much travelling for my liking.

Almost 23 hours of that was spent stopped in traffic.

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