First Night

Personal Jun 14, 2006

I slept with the assistance of my very own CPAP machine. It’s a top-of-the-line Fisher & Paykel HC608, with humidifithingymabob and heated hoojakawhatsit. Since I tend to get sinusitis on a regular basis, I need the moistened air so that my sinuses don’t freak out from a constant air flow (which, I must say, is a breath of fresh air) (smirk). It’s quite nifty, since the air pipe is heated (Not so you’d notice), it prevents condensation building up inside the tube, thereby avoiding an apparently annoying gurgling noise. I’ll have to take their word for it. The problem with that though, is that condensation forms inside the mask, and I spent the night (unsuccessfully) avoiding the icy cold puddle of moisture that had formed in the bottom of the mask.

It’s really crappy — you’re too bleary to actually wake up and take care of the annoyance, so you live with it. sigh, maybe one day I’ll learn.

It’s a bit premature to tell if the therapy is working or not. Admittedly I wasn’t feeling so bleh (Technical term) this morning when I woke up, but I’m feeling darn right sleepy as I type this 2 hours later. Time will tell. (The damn thing had better work. The whole kit and caboodle cost over R7k. Gotta love medical aid.)


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