How can we screw you today?

I’m amazed that more people don’t suffer from depression. I’m feeling it a bit at the moment, and I tend to get “Monday Blues” on the odd occasion. THAT sucks. I really sympathize with people that suffer from long term depression. While there isn’t normally a tangible reason for one suffering from depression – there can be many factors. This time, I can point my accusatory finger towards the local South African government and local big business that seems to have this continual “Screw the consumer” attitude.

If it’s not the petrol price cracking past R11 a litre (That’s ~$5.16 U.S. a gallon), or the government taking a dictator’s stance on forcing “e-tolling” on crucial highways (with majority profits headed outside the country), we have big business throwing price increases and subtle product shrinkage at us (a so-called “double whammy” of price increases).

I have to wonder: What’s the breaking point?

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