Ignorance & Stupidity

The first is temporary, and the second is forever.

I am constantly amazed at the proof I receive every day of people’s stupidity.

Without going off at too much of a geek tangent; we have a mail content filtering system here at work, where we block undesirable emails from entering and exiting our systems. When an incoming email is blocked, a notice is sent to the recipient, similar to this:

An incoming email has been automatically blocked because it contains attachments that are disallowed.

From: xxx@yyyy.com
Subject: Whatever the mail is about

If you believe this email to be work related and wish to receive it, please REPLY to this email, and make sure that you include the
original Mailsweeper message text. We will not be able to find your mail to release it unless you include this text.

Do not provide clarification or instructions within your reply.

If not attended to, your blocked email will be automatically deleted by the system in 7 days time.

The notice email has a subject of “Blocked Incoming Mail (type)”

It’s quite distinctive, so you can’t possibly confuse these with undeliverable error messages right?


It boggles the mind how many people in the company reply to the undeliverable error messages and request the emails to be released. All of them are female, come to think of it, but I’m not trying to imply anything here. :p

On another subject entirely: Time flies.

It feels like only yesterday that I was holding my little squalling baby boy in my arms.
He started school last Wednesday. Unbelievable.