International Calls

I just love Telkom.

In my latest phone bill is a flyer for new call charges.

To dial the USA, standard time charge is R1,70 per minute, and off-peak is R1,50 per minute.

To dial a “Mobile Service” (local), Standard time is R1,89 first minute, R0.94 every 30 secs there after. Off-peak is R1,17 and R0.59 respectively.
In reality, this market speak means:
Standard time is R1,89 for the first minute then R1,88 per minute thereafter (???) and off-peak is R1,17 for first minute, and then R1,18 per minute thereafter.

What a freaking rip off!

To prove this:

On my bill, I have a 12 minute 34 second call to my brother in the USA, charge: R18,74. Not bad. This call was at 17h49pm (peak time).

I also have a call to my mom’s cell phone (vodacom) for 13 minutes 19 seconds at 18h40pm (peak time), charge: R22,32

It is CHEAPER to phone the USA than it is to phone a local freaking cell phone!!!