iPod Annoyances

I love my iPod. I mostly use it in the car and while I’m on the train / walking to/from the station. The biggest annoyance with it though, is that while I’m driving, the screen randomly changes from portrait mode to landscape “coverflow” mode, which is fucking annoying, because you can’t easily skip tracks in that mode, which means that I either have to live with the currently playing track until I have an opportunity (like stopped at a traffic light) to reach down and orient the iPod so that it switches back to portrait mode, or try to stuff with doing that while I’m driving – which is quite stupid and dangerous.

I’ve looked through the iPod settings, but there is no obvious means of disabling the auto-rotation. How incredibly stupid! However, after googling and looking at various sites, 99.9% of which have information pertaining only to jailbroken++ devices, I finally found what I was looking for on http://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/97974.

It’s simple really. Double click the home button, scroll all the way left, and press the button with the circular arrow. Voila, screen orientation is frozen. Doh! You think this information would be documented somewhere convenient. Or maybe somewhere in the settings? >.<

++ And no, I’m seriously not going to stuff around trying to jailbreak my ipod. I just use it to listen to music. When I want to stuff around with stuff, I use my Android phone.