It's late, I'm tired

It’s really annoying when I try and implement something on the site, and I discover that my template code is faulty. Grrr. Oh well, a couple of hours of debugging solved the problem, eventually.

Today we spent an exorbitant amount of money on stuff for the house. Bought a headboard & some pedestals for the bed, a huge ass wall unit for the TV and related paraphernalia, some high back comfy office chairs (Finally! After so many damn years! I’m chucking out that fucking blue chair now!), a dining room suite, a coffee maker (been missing that sucker), and some other odds and ends. Busy busy. The stuff will be delivered sometime during the week.

Still gotta wait 2 weeks for the custom desks I ordered though. I’m not looking forward to having to dismantle all this shit again. Yikes.

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