Learning Java #1

My foray in to learning Java has just begun. Actually, it began a few weeks ago when I decided I want to do it for various reasons, and then a short while after that I thought of a project that would make learning it worthwhile.

Back then, when Learning Java was still something I was barely contemplating, I was also thinking about Android. After doing a bit of reading on the web here and there, I set up a Windows XP VM to do Android development, for when I brought my Java skills up to scratch. I installed Eclipse, the JDK, and the Android SDK. Then I became stuck in the “Now What?” moment.

Fast forward a week or two (my grasp on time frames is really horrible), and I had a project in mind. Not an Android project, mind you. Just a server type application that I will most likely eventually get around to describing.

I had a project in mind and I had a seemingly ideal language to develop it in. That damn “Now What?” moment appeared again. This time I didn’t wait too long before searching Google for some Java Tutorials. I read a few here and there, read up a bit on the Java Libraries, came across information on the Apache Commons libs – but all this wasn’t really helping me get started. Eventually I came across the official Java Tutorials, and took a look. Those particular tutes refer to Netbeans, so I created a new VM, and installed the JDK & Netbeans in to it. That’s where I am now. Have Netbeans, have the tutes. Just need to read them and get started.