Learning Java #2

I’ve read through some of the tutes on Oracle’s site. Completed the annoying Hello World app – it is just me, or are these freaking boring? While I understand what it is trying to do, if you’re already familiar with programming, it’s pretty damn annoying. And yes, I realize I didn’t actually have to do it… but at least it helps with getting to know the IDE (Netbeans).

During one of my (many) mind wonderings, I was thinking about application design. Being self-taught, I actually have no idea how to properly design an application (ie, the way REAL programmers do it :p), so I did some searching.

ARGH! WAYYY too many acronyms! DDD, TDA, BDA, ABD, DDB (Ok, some of those I made up), but seriously? Why does everything have to be reduced to an acronym? Sometimes just jumping in and designing on the fly has its benefits. :p Or not.

Having been completely overwhelmed with the acronyms, and still not having found anything simple, I figure I’ll just download a copy of Dia, and try document the processes that I think the application will use. It shouldn’t be too hard, since – at least initially – the program won’t have a GUI.

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