Learning Java #4

Since Apache James can do pretty much whatever I want it to do, and it would make an excellent base for whatever I might be able to dream up in terms of a filtering MTA, I ended up scrapping the idea of learning Java for a while.
(Man, the font in this editor sucks ass after upgrading WP).

However, after messing around with my new Android phone for awhile, I figured that a good project would be to write a call/text filtering app. Yes, I know there are plenty on the market, most of them commercial with “limited” free editions. I figure something I’ve written myself, possibly open source, will be better. At least then it will have the features I want.

So far, I’ve set up a development environment using the Java SDK, Eclipse Indigo Classic, and the Android SDK. I’ve successfully written my own take of a Hello World app, and launched it on an emulator.

The Hello World app has a button and displays a toast notification when you click it. 😛