Linux Shminux

I came across a weird problem.

I can copy a >2gb file from a smbfs mounted share to my local ext3 file system. No problems.
Just try copy the sucker back. Dies at 2gb every time.

Hmm. Google finds mention of 2gb filesize limits, but based on old kernels (pre 2.4) and usually in ext2.
So I try a search on smbfs instead. Voila. It’s apparently a known problem if you mount a smbfs filesystem.
The workaround is to use smbclient’s ftp-like interface to transfer the files.

The con is that you can’t use normal cp or what-have-you (even tried rsync), but the pro is that it’s fast. Much faster than normal cp, and also no 2gb limit. Guess I will be using smbclient for the file copies in future.