More Madness

Technical Jan 31, 2007

I’ve been having lots of fun sorting out odd issues with McAfee Virusscan on one of our servers. It seems that McAfee locked an ini file for writing for some bizarre reason. It wasn’t even in the windows directory. Shutting down the services fixed it.

Virusscan 8.5 introduced a new feature to the Access Protection Policy: a switch to prevent the McAfee services from being stopped. “Brilliant!” I thought, because we’ve got some users who think they’re smart and constantly shut down the services – which is against company policy, I might add – so I thought it would bamboozle them. It turns out that it was me that got bamboozled instead. Having that option set prevents one from making remote console connections with Virusscan console. Thanks, McAfee, you bunch of retards!


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