Movie Mistakes - Or things that really annoy the experts

Commentary May 25, 2005

I can just imagine how, say, a mountain climber must laugh at the crap that a movie character pulls in a movie like Vertical Limit, or how a real crime scene investigator gets annoyed with liberties taken in something like CSI — I’m not a crime scene investigator, so the kind of things that would annoy a real csi would simply make me say “Cool”.

Which brings me to my point: I have an HP Deskjet 5550 color printer, and I have never once heard it make any noises like a dot matrix printer. No surprise there, the technology is worlds apart — And it’s virtually silent too! Now what really gets my goat, is that in the CSI:Miami lab, they have exactly the same printer that I have, yet the fuckin’ thing always sounds like a dot matrix printer when it ejects a page! It drives me fucking nuts! I’d like to smack the director right upside the head.


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