NVidia Niceness

Technical Nov 16, 2004

When my computer blew up a couple of months back (motherboard blew), I decided to switch back to Intel from AMD, and see how the P4 processors were compared to the Athlon XP’s. While I was about it, I upgraded my GeForce MX440 to a GeForce FX5600.

While I was happy with the performance of the mobo & cpu, I was less than impressed with the new video card. Its performance was only marginally better than the MX440 had been. Boohoo. What a waste of money.

Anyway, after bemoaning my video card purchase for several months (ok, it’s been almost a year), I broke down and bought myself a GeForce 6800.

blink blink


I get a woody every time I fire up a game.
I’m currently playing Tribes Vengeance. It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to play games at 1280×1024 with nearly all the settings on maximum. Shit, even with the FX5600, I was only able to play decently at 800×600.

I think I’m definitely gonna give Thief: Deadly Shadows another go. See it in its full glory.


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