OpenDNS Oogliness

Argh. I hate frustrating issues that make me want to pull my hair out. Not that I’ve got much hair mind you. I tend to keep it short. Number 1 short. It adds to the mean don’t fuck with me look. Which also means it’s too short to actually grab. So my point is moot. Gah.

The DNS servers provided by my ADSL link are pretty crap. They take ages to update, and sometimes give shit, so some kind soul pointed me at Open DNS. I immediately configured my LAN to use them.

Now my only niggle with them is whenever I configure a new sub-domain on my name server, it takes a little while for it to propagate – which is normal in DNS systems – however, with one particular sub-domain that I configured for one of my brother’s domains, I just could NOT access it from my own machine. It was seriously pissing me off. One minute I’d get resolution and the site would load, and then next I would just get DNS errors.

Doing a local lookup kept returning an IP that belongs to OpenDNS – wtf?

So I browsed to their site and searched around a bit. Eventually I happened across “OpenDNS CacheCheck” which allows you to query the status of their DNS cache. So, I do the obvious. Of the 4 servers (or so) that they have, one of them was showing invalid data. And typically, it was that fucker that I constantly seemed to query.
Fortunately they provide tools to fix the problem, so in less than 5 seconds, I had resolved the issue.

Now, grasshoppers, what does this lesson teach us?

RTFM – Read the fucking manual.

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