Psst... wanna buy a bridge?

Work May 25, 2004

I had to read a company offering sent to me by my boss this morning; he wanted my opinion.

So, I look it over and I respond:

Just going on these documents, I would not do business with this company, based solely on the errors I’ve found.

I know I’m being very picky (can you say Anal Retentive?), but if a company presents a document to me that contains errors like these,it doesn’t give me an overall good impression (like nails on a chalk board), especially since these documents are marketing tools.

I’m probably the worst person to give marketing material to, because I will pick it to shreds. I’m completely anal retentive about other people’s writing, even though mine sucks.

I had to read through a proposal from another company, and I’m sorry to say, it was even worse. The horrible bit is that I like the guy, and I would like our companies to do business, but with a document like that…


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