QSI Qrap

I’m really annoyed.

My notebook (HP Compaq nx9000) is currently running Mandrake 10.
While I’ve been happy with it, I thought I would give Debian2 a bash, since it’s apparently one of those perpetually updated distros (and also one of the oldest), kinda like Gentoo, and I hate having to upgrade distros.

I burn the 2x ISO’s to DVDs, pop it into the notebook, and boot. It starts the installer, and eventually drops me into a menu.

“Right, what now?” I think to myself.
I consult various forms of documentation, but all of them refer to menu options that just aren’t on this menu. Weird.
Eventually, after a lot of swearing, I realise that it must be my DVD rom drive in the notebook.

To test this theory, I popped the DVD into my PC, and installed Debian. No mess, no fuss.

It’s weird how the drive my notebook reads the disc, but only in a half-assed kind of way.


I finally found updated firmware for my QSI SBW-241 Combo drive.

After upgrading the firmware, my notebook drive can finally read the DVD’s my PC has no problem with. Go figure.

– A side note:

Although the installer gets alot further along than it did before, it’s still not 100%. Oh well. Guess I’ll figure out a network install or something. Piece of shit.

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