Raze Raise

Two colleagues and I were promoted last April, but we were told that our salary increases would only take effect 6 months later, as a kind of “probation” to see how we fit into our new roles koff_bullshit_koff.

October payslips come round, we check them in anticipation. No increase.

We check with our boss. Apparently there was a stuff up notifying HR, but we would definitely receive our increases, with back-pay to October, in the November pay run.

We get our November payslips. Still no increase. Fuck. Our boss is on leave. Double fuck.
We check with the guy who is standing in for our boss. He says he will check with our CIO to see what the problem is.
Anyway, he gets back to us with the message that the CIO would come speak to us directly.
Uh oh. Not good.

This was the 23rd. By the Friday (the 26th), we had still not had a visit from our CIO. We decided to take it up with our boss, who was due back on the 29th. He would at least find out what the fuck was going on.

He did. He told us today that the CEO had denied all increases across the board. Meaning everyone in the entire company would be denied increases, despite promises made by their line heads. Lovely.

I’m really thrilled about this. We’ve been willing to work at 2am on a Sunday, and get called out for stupid standby calls at 1am just to be thanked like this?

I’ve a good mind to send the CEO an email:

Dear Sir,

On behalf of your staff who were due increases:

Usually we like to have dinner before we go back to your room. Is it ok for me to straighten up and pull up my pants, cuz boy my ass is sore.

With love,
Your staff

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