Reload Shmeload

So I’m reloading XP on my workstation. It goes through it’s usual crap before running that stupid welcome wizard thing where you add usernames etc. All’s fine and well.  Anyway, while loading up drivers, I realised that I had failed to install my sound drivers off CD first before installing the updated drivers, so I was missing a lot of the cool applications (I have an SB Audigy 2 ZS). So I thought that, instead of uninstalling the drivers I had just put on and tainting windows by loading off the CD and then reapplying drivers yadda yadda, I would just reload Windows yet again. No biggie, it doesn’t take all that long on my hardware anyway.

So I do exactly what I did before – I wipe the partition during setup, and recreate it, and let Windows install on to it.  I follow exactly the same steps as before.  This time, when Windows reboots after installation – instead of running that stupid lil welcome wizard, it dumps me at the welcome screen with just the administrator user visible.  What the…?  Where the heck was the wizard to add users etc?

I don’t get Microsoft, really I don’t.

Anyway, third time lucky.

You’re probably wondering why I’m reloading for a third time? I don’t know.  I just can’t handle the idea of trying to use Windows when the installation didn’t go as smoothly as I expected it to.  It’s like a psychological block – I’m going to constantly get the feeling that something is not right if I just let it go.

So I reload yet again. :p

I figured out that the welcome wizard didn’t run because when Windows asks to adjust the resolution, I bumped my keyboard and accidentally cancelled the change – which means the wizard does not run. Odd.

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