Restart != Shutdown

Restart != Shutdown

It would appear that according to Windows 10, shutdown is no longer a similar concept to restart.

I just installed some drivers for a new device. I get a Windows popup telling me I need to restart to complete configuring the device.

If I try access the device control software, it tells me that I need to restart first.

Since it's about time for me to go to bed, I figure I'll shut down Windows and test out the device in the morning.

I boot up the computer this morning, fresh start, and the first thing Windows tells me after I login is that I need to restart to complete configuration of the device.

WTF did I just do? Control software says the same.

So now I have to restart AGAIN. WTF Microsoft?

I've had a similar experience with Windows updates. The "Update and shutdown" option doesn't work. Sure, it shuts down the computer, but it doesn't install updates. Actually, the "Update and restart" option also no longer works. You have to go in to Windows Update and click the restart button there before the flipping updates install.

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