Ripped off and pissed off

Yesterday there was a minor incident at my house. Seems some blokes strolled on to my property and knocked on the front door, giving our 60+ year old house cleaner a near heart attack. Considering that our electronic gate was closed, this was quite a surprise for her. Fortunately my neighbour spotted them cuz his dog was going crazy, so they ran off. I had no idea how they got through the gate.

While I was on my way to work this morning, I got a call from my wife. The house burglar alarm had activated. Seems the motherfuckers from yesterday had come back, broke my so called security gate, and kicked the front door in.

They obviously weren’t aware of the alarm, because they only managed to grab my crap old tv and my brand spanking new xbox 360 (which I have only had for 5 days!). Fortunately my neighbour saw them again, saw their car and got their license plate. He can also identify the one guy, should they catch them (unlikely). He called the cops as well (who only showed up an hour later I might add).

What a frickin’ ball ache. Now I have to screw around with insurance etc.

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