Same brand computer parts

So you think that if you buy computer components all of the same brand, that the things would work perfectly together, right?


My Antec power supply decided to die on me this morning. So, obviously I need to find something to replace it quite urgently, at least until my new parts arrive.

So I run around, and I find a Gigabyte brand power supply that will hopefully do the trick, especially considering that my chassis, motherboard, and graphics cards are all Gigabyte brand.

My first problem is that I’m running an SLI setup, and this new power supply only has one PCI-E power connector. No problem, I hack together a converter cable from my dead power supply.

I happily install the Gigabyte power supply into the Gigabyte chassis, plug the cables into the Gigabyte motherboard, and then attempt to plug the PCI-E power connector into the first Gigabyte graphics card. Guess what? The cable is too short.

Now that just boggles the mind. You would think they would test their components with their own products, but obviously not.

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