Scary Searches

I’m busy going through my site statistics… boy, there’s some weird shit.
I mean search terms specifically. It appears that the most frustrating problem these days is “decrypting half-life 2 game files” 🙂
(This post alone is gonna generate some action grin)

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping tabs on the so-called “Search Engine Wars” that are hotting up between MSN and Google?
Well, the following stats seem to support that theory:

– 1734 msnbot
– 517 Inktomi/Yahoo
– 466 Internet Explorer 6.0
– 406 Googlebot

It seems that MSN has crawled this site more than 4 times what Google has. Fuck you MSN. Stay off my site, damnit.

edits the robots.txt file

Right. Now MSN is not allowed to crawl my site. Why? Cuz I can.

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