Service Sharks

Personal Feb 3, 2007

I have my car serviced by Lindsay Saker East Rand Mall.
What a bunch of sharks. I’m fuming.

First let me give a bit of history:

About two services ago (45,000km), I took my car in for a standard service. During the day, they phoned me and told me that I absolutely had to change the brake pads on the car at a cost of (I forget now, but it was approximately) R1600.00, because there was no way that they would last until the next service. Fortunately, not being too stupid, I had checked the brake pads myself before I took the car in, and they were just peachy. Puhlenty of pad left. I told them to get knotted.
The pads lasted quite well until the next service, even a few months after before I had both front and back replaced, with new disks besides, for a little over 2k.

Anyway, this time they call me and tell me that I should get the chips on the wind screen fixed. So I fall for that – at a cost of R350-odd. A little while later, they call again, and tell me that I absolutely have to have my windscreen wiper blades replaced at a cost of R450, a fuel filter at R350, a rib belt at around R650, have the radiator flushed for around R350 and serviced for around another R400 or something. I flipped. I know for a fact that I can get new wiper blades for around R200 – which is still quite expensive as these things go, but then they aren’t normal blades, and it takes all of 5 seconds per blade to switch them out.

I told them to do the rib belt and the fuel filter and to leave the rest. I’m stupid, but not that stupid – and I’m definitely not made of money.

I think next time I’ll take my car to a different dealership – these guys are pissing me off. Not to say that somewhere else will be any better though.


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