Considering my negativity about work the past few months, I was quite shocked when we received our bonus and increase letters yesterday.

I was quite sure that the increase would be a waste of time as per usual, and after last year’s decent 10k incentive bonus, I was not expecting to get much, if at all this year, especially considering I verbally attacked my completely incompetent boss one day on the phone awhile back (shortly after she started and was trying to assert herself), so my jaw nearly hit the floor when she told me that the bonus alone was almost double last year’s and my increase was just about an extra 20k per annum.

Speaking to my friend in the development department, he said his increase and bonus was also quite substantial, so it looks like the company is finally trying to appease the IT department as a whole.

With regards to my earlier mention about verbally attacking my boss, I must say that it is something that I have never done before, and will most likely not do again in the future, but she had made the mistake of pushing me too far with unfounded allegations etc, and I had had enough, so I lost my temper and blew up.

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