The past week or so has been pretty crappy.

I hurt my back last Sunday in my sleep, so I spent the whole of last week in agony. I eventually went to the doctor on Wednesday, and he recommended paying a visit to the physiotherapist; so I had sessions on Wed, Thurs, and Fri. Felt much better afterwards, I must say. I don’t think the injury is entirely gone though – I actually hurt my back initially on a ride (Tower of Terror) at Gold Reef City a couple of years ago – a company team building excercise. We were sitting on the ride, hanging on the precipice, basically staring straight down at a gaping hole, when the car suddenly released and dropped us (as it is supposed to do). Instead of experiencing the exhiliration of the drop, I felt a snapping sensation in my back, and a sudden burst of agony which lasted for the entire ride. There was quite a nasty ache for a couple of days, but it eventually went away. Stupidly I never went to the doctor to have it checked out, despite the fact that I have been reminded of the pain every time I sneezed.

I’ve had my CPAP machine well over a month now (got it 13 June) — and the supplier (Afrox Medispeed) has STILL not submitted their claim to my medical aid (insurance) for payment. In the mean time, I have dealt with a competitor of theirs (SSEM) to purchase some new masks, and the claims have already been submitted and paid. I guess I’m not going to be dealing with Afrox in the future if I can help it.