Slow Going

I’ve been having the CPAP treatment for about two weeks now.
It’s taking me a long time to get used to the mask – but I’m finally sleeping through the night (mostly). My only problem so far is that because of the tightness of the mask initially – I developed (almost literally overnight) a pressure sore just above the right hand side of my top lip. It wasn’t too painful, but now it has developed into a cluster of really painful pimples. The pain from that caused me to take my mask off at about 4 this morning – it was getting a bit too much. Hopefully I’ll have a better night tonight.

I’m meeting with a rep from a different medical company on Wednesday – I’m going to be fitted for some new masks. I’m getting a Respironics Comfortgel mask to replace the Fisher & Paykel HC405 that I’m not really happy with – and I’m also getting a ComfortFull 2 full face mask to use in those times when I’m sick or have nasal congestion. It’s a crapload of money for these damn things here – around $250 for the full face mask, and around $150 for the Comfortgel (That’s based on ~7.4 exchange rate). Insane prices – but then this is also my second choice mask. I would have preferred to go for a Resmed Ultra Mirage Activa nasal mask, but that sucker is around $240! And the problem is that the company that sells the Resmed products is not contracted out to the medical aids (insurance), so I would have to fork out of my own pocket and claim back. Not good, because I don’t have that kind of money. At least with the other company, they deal directly with the medical aids, so I don’t have to physically spend a cent.

Back to the treatment – I am definitely noticing a difference. I still have tiredness – but that’s usually in the morning. I’m much more alert now, and I don’t have the desire to doze off while I’m driving home from work. so it seems the treatment is starting to work.

I don’t know how long it will take until I feel “normal” – or what I think “normal” is supposed to feel like, as I’ve had this for so many years, that I never realised that anything was wrong.

Thinking back with my new found knowledge, it certainly explains some of the happenings in my life when I was in high school, so I’ve had this condition at least since then, if not all my life.

Kinda sad to go through life for 31 years not knowing that it could actually have been better.