Something not from twitter

As I mentioned in one of my past tweets, I had been suffering from dizziness for about two weeks. Doctor eventually figured out that it appears to be related to my suddenly extremely high blood pressure, so she prescribed some blood pressure tablets as a trial. The good news is that the dizziness has gone away over a period of days since I started taking the tablets.  The bad news is that my blood pressure is still frikkin’ high. I bought myself a small automatic blood pressure monitoring device (supposedly quite accurate), and I’ve been keeping tabs on it. The pressure fluctuates quite dramatically, but is rarely under 120. Average seems to be in the high 140’s. I’m supposed to go and see the doc again soon, but to my chagrin, she is on leave until next year. Sigh. No point in seeing another doctor, as they won’t know the history. I can wait I guess.  This probably means I’ll need to go on chronic medication. Yay (not).

The whole of last week was spent in the Kruger National Park. Fortunately there was a bit of wet weather which kept the high temperatures at bay for most of the time (thankfully).  I’ll post a bit more about that a bit later.

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