Statement? What Statement?

Statement? What Statement?

I posted the following complaint at our local consumer complaints site (Hello Peter):

I had minor sinus surgery in November 2003. Today I receive a final demand for payment in the mail (17th Feb) full of threats about being listed in credit bureaux, and having summons issued and summary judgements, etc.

How about sending me a statement first?!

My wife received a phone call at the end of last week from the Glynwood, querying our postal address, since they had a returned mail containing a statement. Turns out they had addressed the envelope incorrectly. But then today I get a final demand (postmarked the 13th) that is perfectly addressed, with the letter inside correctly addressed as well. Strange indeed that the debt recovery agents have my address. Stranger indeed that the hospital hands me over when they KNOW that I have not yet received a statement. It’s not my fault they can’t address an envelope correctly, despite the correct information being supplied on their forms.

It gets my goat that these companies are so quick to hand people over and have them listed for debt defaults for no fault of their own.

In future, I will not deal with this hospital if they can’t do their administration properly. I would rather die. I’m so tired of companies like this being so quick to judge. Since we (as the customer) are always required to sign forms and contracts/agreements etc before we are helped, so should the companies be made to sign agreements with us, stating that if they do not follow the agreed procedures, they will be liable for nuisance fees and/or a fine.

South African companies need to catch a wake up.

Not everyone you deal with are crooks. You are driving legitimate customers away.

The above mentioned hospital is The Glynwood, in Benoni.

Something that I didn’t add (I didn’t have the space), was that I had a similar incident after the birth of my daughter, Megan, but with an entirely different hospital (different management group too). When I called the hospital accounts department to complain, the woman I spoke to said, “Oh, just ignore it. We don’t send statements, we just send final demands, it’s company policy”


To be honest, the nursing staff at both hospitals were great, and I have no complaints about the actual care received. It’s just a pity that their administration blows fucking chunks. It’s them that leave the bad taste in your mouth.