Steam Scream

I’m not fucking impressed.

It’s taken me 2 hours to install Half-life 2. First, you get the install from 5 cds. Then “Steam” launches, and spends half an hour updating itself — thanks to my shitty connection.

Once it’s done that, it spends god knows how fucking long, “decrypting” Half-life 2 game files. Now, literally, 2 hours later (I’ve been online 2 hours and 10 minutes now), I click on “Launch Half-life 2”, and it starts off by telling me that it will launch in about 82 minutes… which has dropped down to about 10 minutes now. The motherfucker is busy updating.

This is the LAST so-called “Steam” game I’m ever gonna buy, so long as I live here.

Valve, you fucking suck!!