StumbleUpon is no longer cool

Dear StumbleUpon,

Thanks for enabling the functionality that not only sends a stumble to a person’s toolbar, but spams them via email too. And especially thanks for enabling that and making it OPT-OUT instead of OPT-IN. It was fantastic to discover that I had received tons of mail referring to stumbles that I had already looked at previously via my toolbar queue. It was also fantastic to learn that I had to go into my account settings to switch the annoyance OFF (that should not have been enabled by default in the first place), thereby breaking the ‘Send to Email Address’ functionality that had up to that point had been working just fine, too. Oh – and this new email spam functionality annoys the hell out of my wife, too… and she has no idea about account settings. O_o

FWIW, when I’m stumbling at work, I occasionally use the Share with Email Address function of the toolbar to send stuff back to myself that I can look at when I get home. Those emails I WANT to receive. Since I have disabled the email functionality in my account settings so that you don’t spam my email account to death on every stumble I receive in my toolbar, I no longer receive the manually “share via email” stumbles.

Brilliant stuff.

Here’s hoping you revert those annoying changes.

Oh and while I’m complaining (Might as well make this a good one) – here’s hoping you get around to developing a functional toolbar for Chrome at some stage. The crappy excuse for a web toolbar that currently serves as the StumbleUpon toolbar for chrome sucks balls. I refuse to use it.

Oh, and since I’m harping on about the StumbleUpon emails – when the ‘Share via email’ function actually worked properly, way to go on hijacking the links I sent myself so that the crappy web toolbar loads. Sigh. Not cool.

I’m all for advancement of the service, but the changes you guys have made lately really chafe my nuts.

Much love and annoyance.

PS: And the reason why I choose to complain now – and so vehemently – is because I was very happy with StumbleUpon until these new changes. Not anymore 🙁

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