Telkom Sucks

My ADSL line at home has been dead for the past 11 days now. It took me 35 minutes on hold on the 27th March before I could get through to a call centre agent to log the fault. I started receiving daily 9am SMSs from Telkom telling me that they were “still working to resolve the fault”. Funny though, the SMSs stopped coming through last Saturday, so I’m guessing they’ve closed the call without resolving it.

I escalated the call on the 1 April (April Fool, me!) at 06h33. Yes, in the morning. Funnily enough, I got through instantly.

I escalated again on the 4th April at 06h39. I don’t think “escalating” actually does anything. It certainly hasn’t done anything for me 🙁

I tried to get through to help desk this morning. I was on hold from 08h15. I eventually gave up at 11h45. Three and a half hours. On hold. Trying to find out what the fuck is going on with my dead line.

What cheeses me off is that while I can request a refund from Telkom for the down time – I can’t request a refund from Blizzard for the days I haven’t been able to play WoW

It also pisses my wife off, because she’s been on holiday for the past few weeks, and she was looking forward to finally getting a chance to play WoW for a change. Hahaha. Shoulda known.

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