The Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil Made Me Do It

Welcome, welcome! I’m the Devil. Welcome to Hell.
Don’t look so shocked. You were expecting Saint Peter were you?
Oh, stop sniveling. It’s too late, you know.

No, no mistake young fellow. You are all here for the same reason.
You mean you don’t know why you’re here?
Oh, go on. Pull the other one.

Fine. You’re here because you’re the bunch of inconsiderate ponces that chose to drive with their rear fog lights on when there was no fog.

What? Outrage?
You must be joking! If anything, the outrage is coming from the people who had to drive behind you.
Anyway, enough bickering. You’re here now, get used to it.

Your eternity will be spent driving a car at night in the rain. You will always be behind someone with their rear fog lights on. Your only company will be the radio, set permanently to Jeremy Mansfield on Highveld Stereo.

Cruel? Of course I’m cruel. I’m the Devil!
You should have thought of that before you switched those rear fog lights on!

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