The lady of the lake

The lady of the lake

I’m busy reading Area 51: Excalibur, and I came across a mistake somewhere approaching the end:

Lexina, Corridan and Elek climb Mount Everest with the aid of a Chinese Army officer. After their first night at altitude, Lexina is told by the Chinese officer that one of her companions has died in the night due to lack of oxygen. She approaches Corridan’s body, and removes his ka medallion. She and Elek perform their ritual, and then they continue on their way.

A few pages further on (quite a few pages), a sniper starts taking out Lexina’s climbing party, starting at the bottom of the line. Due to the dead bodies hanging by the safety lines, the entire party is in danger of being pulled down the mountain, so Lexina pulls out her knife and prepares to cut the line attaching her to Corridan, because he has grabbed the line in fear (or something), and is unable to cut the line below him, which are now, just dead bodies.

Spot the mistake.

I wonder why this wasn’t picked up before. It’s quite a glaring error.

Oh well, nobody’s perfect. I forgive you.

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