The world gets smaller

The world being my department here at work.
When I became a staff member nearly 7 years ago, there were about 12 people, although 3 of them were in different parts of the country. A retrenchment process where we all had to re-apply for our jobs got rid of those 3, along with one or two others.

Then there were around 7 of us. Surprise surprise, another retrenchment process happened, and we had to reapply for our jobs again. And then there were 4.

A junior guy got tired of being messed around for a pitiful salary, so he resigned. And then there were 3.

Then rumours of an outsource for our department came about. And then those rumours became truth. Another colleague resigned, although they begged him to stay on, so he’s currently on contract until the end of May. And then there were 2.

While our department has gotten ever smaller, the workloads have not decreased at all.

I love the smell of resignations in the morning!