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So I’ve changed my theme. Whoop.
It’s quite a change from the old one. I’ll keep this around for awhile… I’ve got plenty sitting on the back-burner, so if it’s different every time you visit, don’t be surprised. 😉

(Mind you, who the heck visits here anyway?)

I went for the 2nd sleep lab on the 7th, as I mentioned in my last post. Technically, it wasn’t a sleep lab, since I was only hooked up to the CPAP machine, though it was monitoring and recording what was happening.

The neurophysiologist (what a mouthful) told me that I have around 60 apnoeas per hour, which means I’m not breathing for 20 seconds of every minute in an hour. She said “severe” cases are only around 40 apnoeas per hour, so I have it to the extreme, especially for my age. She says she usually sees apnoea this badly in people over 75 years old. Apparently my oxygen levels drop to below 80% (in some cases as low as 75%), which apparently is quite bad for the heart, and can lead to heart failure. Fun.

Being connected to the CPAP machine wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I could get used it. Actually, I have to get used to it. sigh
Despite (or perhaps because of) being hooked up to the CPAP machine, I slept quite badly. The nursing staff at the hospital didn’t help either. Damn they pissed me off.

When I did the first sleep lab – the polysomnogram – I was supposed to be sleeping while the machine recorded what happened while I slept… so the stupid fucking nursing staff woke me sometime after 4am as if I was a normal hospital patient. Considering the CPAP trial was in a different part of the hospital, where they seemed to be used to patients coming in for these trials, I thought they would have a clue. Not so. For one thing, someone opened my room door at around 1am, so I woke up (it’s a noisy door). Then again around 3. And then another stupid-ass nurse came in at around 04h40 and yelled loudly ‘Good Morning!’. She was lucky I had the breathing mask on my face, otherwise I would have told her to fuck right off. I was not impressed.

I gave them a bad mark on the patient satisfaction survey when I was discharged.

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