Time passes way too quickly

Here endeth my third week of the new job. I still haven’t decided if it’s the right thing for me. I’ll give it a few months.

My wife is now 6 weeks pregnant with our third child. Dang.

I’ve driven over 1500 kilometers in the past three weeks. Crezzy man, crezzy. For the past 7 years I’ve driven around 72k’s a day (to and from work), but now it’s easily twice that. Fortunately I’m a very relaxed driver, so I don’t (or should I say “try not to”) let the traffic and bad drivers get to me. The taxis have to be the worst.
I’m not going to go into a huge tirade about them, other than to say that about the only law of the road that they do obey (from time to time), is which side of the road to drive on. The rest don’t matter.